DIY: How to remove the front MTech bumper on e60 BMW 535i

I searched online for instructions how to remove the front bumper on my BMW 535i (e60). I was out of luck. I found few scattered post without pictures, one decent write up with pictures but it required 3.5 hours of labor and BMW instructions, which were not very helpful. So I decided to help you guys out. I used this post as a guide and took a bunch of pictures in order to make things more clear. I hope it will help, or at least you wont have to pay a body shop for something you can do yourself in an hour.  Doing this way you won’t have to remove the headlights and won’t need another person to help

1. Tools required. It is surprisingly easy to do as it requires only: extension (I used 8″ or 9″), 8mm socket, torx  and … thats it. Keep in mind that my car does not have PDC and did not have fog lights at the moment, so some additional steps will be needed (I will update later)

2. Removing top 5 torx bolts. First you will have to remove the rubber cover which hides 5 torx screws. In order to do so just pull it up – it should come out easily. Underneath the cover just unscrew 5 bolts. Nothing complicated.

3. 2 bolts (8mm) underneath the licence plate holder (if you have one). Just unbolt these two and you should be good.

4. The tricky part.

a) It is not complicated you just need to know the steps. First, if you are working on the passenger side of your car, turn the wheels all the way to the right. Lift the car on a jack and I recommend using the stands. This way you  will have some room to work under your bumper.  Next, remove four 8mm bolts holding the weather shield.

b) There is another screw (long one) right on the top edge of the bumper. After you done removing bolts pry the underliner and wedge it behind  the wheel. This will give you the opening to work behind the bumper.

c) After you have the underliner pushed back, look under the the fender. On the very top where the fender meets the bumper you will see a row of screws. You will have to remove the white (metal color) ones and there are two of them – both are 8mm. There is a very limited space – I could not take very sharp picture. Due to space constrains you will need extension. You dont have to remove the other screws there – they simply do not hold the bumper.

d) After you are done with passenger side you will have to do the same step on the driver side. Next step will be to pry the bumper outwards off the fender. You will have to use moderate force to separate it because it is being hold by this smart BMW clip. Start from the edge and wiggle it outwards. Don’t worry, you won’t brake it. After you remove one side do the same on the other side.

5. Assembly. I did it alone so I do not think any help is necessary. What I did are the   steps one through four. First put the bumper back in place. Put the top bolts back in, then follow with the ones under the licence plate. This will hold the bumper in place. Do not tighten them yet – you will need some flexibility to move the bumper under the headlight and put it back in its place on the side of the fender. The rest is easy – just follow the steps. Do not forget to put these metal pieces back because without them the screws holding the underliner will end up in your tire…

6. Enjoy you BMW – take it for a ride :)

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22 Responses to DIY: How to remove the front MTech bumper on e60 BMW 535i

  1. comments are welcome as this is my first post!

  2. Vlad says:

    Thats a great DIY, thanks for that :-) Very helpful, especially as (wierd as it seems), the screws which you need the long extentions for, are NOT in the BMW Service Manual.
    Great job, thanks!

  3. cardaddy says:

    Thanks for having written this. That’s the most full entry I have found about this.

  4. Rajan says:

    Great post – worked for me. I only needed to access one side of the car, so only removed one set of arch screws.

  5. I get pleasure from, cause I found exactly what I used to be looking for. You’ve ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

  6. very nice post, i certainly love, keep on it !!!!!

  7. Simon says:

    Excellent guide! Does your car have the headlight cleaning system ? I’m about to remove my M-Sport bumper to have it resprayed due to many stonechips, but my car has the headlight cleaning system. Is it attached to the car or to the bumper?

    Thank you


  8. Jeff says:

    This has proven to be incrediblt useful. Saved me tons of money on shop costs, since finding. Many thanks, bro!

  9. Imre says:

    Great post! Thanks for taking the time and documenting the entire process. I have a 2006 530xi. On my car I had to remove 4 torx bolts at step 3 instead of 2 8mm ones, but otherwise following your post work great. Thanks again.

  10. Anodyne says:

    Thanks for this writeup! I will be doing this as part of a CP-E intercooler install tomorrow. This will save me a bunch of time.

  11. Neville says:

    This was amazingly helpful; thanks so much. My wife rubbed the front bumper of my 55oi (e60) when parking the car and pushed the parking distance sensor back into the bumper. I used this information to figure out how to access the interior of the bumper and readhere the parking sensor to the back side of it. Thanks for the help!!!

  12. Brian says:

    Excellent guide. Nothing similar anywhere online. Thanks very much

  13. Goh Jia Long says:

    Hey , your guide is fantastic, great help and informative. I used your guide to remove my bumper just a few hours earlier. However it was a little hard to pry the bumper out after removing all the screws you mentioned. This part number 51 11 7 033 706 was holding the bumper to the fender very rigidly and i broke one of the clips while removing but luckily was still able to fix up the bumper after i was done.

  14. Huh hayat says:

    Excellent write up .

  15. LV says:

    Do you still own the 535i? I have a question regarding the side supports. Thanks.

  16. ian says:

    At last been hunting for a guide on this for a week… cant believe i could not find a YouTube video for it. Just need to find one for the rear now… Many thanks for the help!!

  17. Zahid says:


    Thansk for the pics and advise very helpfull. Just need one advice. I have got acc radar(distronic) on the front bumper. How imcan remove without damaging radar calibration? Any idea?

  18. Sam says:

    Great write-up, thanks. One of the outside PDC fell into the bumper, so I followed your directions and didn’t even have to jack up the car to get this fixed.

  19. Biggs says:

    Lifesaver! thank you!!

  20. Jaliya Ekanayake says:

    Thank you so much for the post. I was able to do a perfect bumper work with these instructions.

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